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Most blood and urine tests for the presence of cannabinoids differ from alcohol test results, as they measure inactive metabolites of cannabis, and not the active drug itself.  Alcohol produces clear dose-related impairment as measured by breath, blood or urine tests.  The presence of cannabinoids in urine merely signifies that the person had used or been exposed to cannabis at some point prior to the test [ii] .  The Department for Transport recognizes that “tests should take into account that the effect of cannabis on driving is probably limited to a few hours at most after it is taken and therefore set aside inactive metabolites of cannabis, which remain well after it is taken by regular users ” [iii]

Positif Substance - 1/0 / On/OffPositif Substance - 1/0 / On/OffPositif Substance - 1/0 / On/OffPositif Substance - 1/0 / On/Off